It can be scary to take the leap and try this recovery thing—especially if you’ve attempted it before and didn’t get to where you wanted to be. We understand this completely. Our team of professionals is here to help you navigate your fear and uncertainty, to give you the tools needed to stay sober, and to cheer you on as you create the life you envision for yourself. We’re also here for you after you complete treatment and are feeling unsure of how you’ll weave your new skills into your life.


Here’s how we can help:

Sober Companions

Our sober companions provide you with 24/7 confidential support and guidance at any stage of your recovery. We will help you integrate your recovery plan into your life, get you into a healthy routine, and organize and schedule resources to help you care for your emotional/spiritual/mental/physical wellbeing on a daily basis. The length of time we spend with you can vary from a few days to a few weeks. We’re here for your individual needs. 


Recovery Coaching

Our recovery coaches are trained to help identify your strengths while working with you to navigate your recovery transformation and prevent relapse. We will meet with you (either in person, via video chat, or over the phone) daily/weekly/monthly to help keep you on track and discuss the challenges you’re facing in your recovery. 

Trained Counsellors

Our professional counsellors specialize in trauma and addictions. We will help you identify your sticking points and work toward healing them so you can move forward in your recovery journey unencumbered by the past. 

Family Support 

Your addiction affects not only YOU but the people around you, as well. Often, your family and friends become part of the cycle and don’t know how to help because they need help themselves. Our family support services are here to assist your loved ones so they’re better able to support themselves and you.

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